Air Conditioning
There are reverse cycle air-conditioning units in the dining area, both lounge areas and five of the bedrooms in the Lodge. There is also an air-conditioning unit in the main living area upstairs in the Retreat and the Studio. The remote controls for the air conditioning units are located in mounted brackets on the room walls. Simply press the ON button, wait a moment then select your temperature. The sun icon is used for heating and the ice crystal icon is for cooling. The air conditioners should not be set below 21 degrees in the cooling mode. Operating the air conditioner on the lowest setting of 17 degrees will cause the machine to ice up and stop running. Please leave the air conditioners set on either 20 or 21 degrees.

Please close all windows and doors when using the air-conditioning units to ensure optimum cooling/heating settings and responsible energy use. Furthermore, please turn them off when leaving the property. Some of the aircons are automatically timed to turn off after 3 hours to conserve energy. To restart, press the ON button.

The closest ATM is located in the two service stations and the Potters Brewery located on Wine Country Drive (turn left from Lomas Lane onto Wine Country Drive). All of the major banks, Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Aldi stores are located in Cessnock.

There are 7 bathrooms (8 if you have access to the Studio) at the Hunter Valley Lodge & Retreat. There is a separate toilet located in the laundry for guest use when using the Bison Den. Each bathroom is equipped with luxury body wash, shampoo and conditioner for you to enjoy. Please use the sanitary disposal bags provided and place them in the bins. 

Batteries & Light globes
Spare batteries and light globes are located in the centre section of the large rustic sideboard located in the entrance area of the Lodge.

There are two BBQ’s available for guests; one is a flat BBQ and the other has a roasting hood. They are both located on the outdoor entertainment area. Please ensure that they are cleaned properly before departing or a $100 cleaning charge for each BBQ will be deducted from your registration credit card.

All beds are made with one summer quilt for the summer season and a double quilt for winter. There is also plenty of blankets available if you need extra warmth. We provide one firm pillow and one soft pillow for your comfort.

Bison Den – Games Room
Please ensure the Bison Den equipment is put back neatly after use and the pool table is covered. The door key and remote control for the Bison Den, laundry and outside toilet are located on the kitchen bench in the Lodge. Please return to the kitchen before departing the property. To open the rear and front roller doors of the Bison Den, please use the control panel on the wall to the right when entering through the Bison Den door. To operate the fan, please use the fan switch on the wall. Please ensure the Bison Den is locked before your departure. 

Bluetooth Connection
You can connect your device to play music via a Bluetooth connection next to the television in both the main lounge and the Retreat. There is also a Blu-ray player and Bluetooth player available in the Bison Den to play music.  

Bocce Court
There is a bocce court next to the side of the laundry and the balls are located in the Bison Den.

CD Player
CDs can be played via the DVD players in front of the televisions. Please remember to return any DVDs or CDs to their correct case after use.

Check Out
Check out time is at 10:00am on weekdays, and 11:00am on weekends. Late checkout is permitted only when arranged prior to arrival. 

Constant visual supervision of children is required at all times at this property. The abundance of native wildlife in the area can present a danger to children so please be vigilant. Always keep children at arms-length near water. Be advised that there is a dam located at the front of this property.

Please leave the property in a similar state to its condition upon arrival. Place all dishes in the dishwasher and turn this on and place all garbage in the skip bin next to the Retreat. Brooms and mops are located under the stairs. A fee will be charged if extra cleaning is required. 

Coasters & Placemats
Please use the coasters and heat protectors provided for all drinks and food to protect the furniture, including the dining and coffee tables.

Cots & Highchairs
A cot and high chair are located in the cupboard under the stairs of the Lodge. Spare cots and highchairs are located in the laundry room.

Day Visitors
This property is for accommodation only. No functions (including pre-event drinks) are to be held without the prior consent of management. Additional charges are applicable for extra day visitors unless there is a written agreement with management. 

There are two dishwashers for your use in the Lodge and one in the Retreat. Please place dishwasher powder in the compartment and follow the instructions contained in the Kitchen Appliances folder located inside the top drawer of the sideboard in the dining room.

DVDs, books and board games are available for your use and enjoyment. They are located inside the sideboard in the dining room. Please replace neatly before leaving.

Emergency Contact
In case of an emergency, please call 000. Our office number is 0488 881100

Fire Alarm
If the fire alarm sounds, please use the fire blanket and/or fire extinguisher provided, then call 000 and quickly vacate the property. If the fire alarm sounds and there is no present danger, press firmly on the button located on the device to mute.

Fire Extinguisher
There is a fire extinguisher located at the top of the stairs in the Lodge. There is also a fire blanket and extinguisher on the wall behind the kitchen door. Additional fire extinguishers can be found next to the outside BBQ area, at the top of the stairs in the Retreat, and on the wall in the Lion’s Den. 

Except for the BBQ, no outside fires are to be lit at the Hunter Valley Lodge & Retreat at any time and under any circumstances.

The Lodge has a total of 4 fridges. There is a large fridge/freezer and a large commercial glass fronted drinks fridge in the Lodge. The Retreat and the Bison Den also have a large fridge/freezer. The Lion’s Den has a bar fridge.

Please do not, under any circumstances, rearrange or move furniture throughout the property. If our housekeeping team has to move any furniture back into its original position, an additional fee will be charged.

The daily garbage should be emptied in the skip bin or recycle bins next to the Retreat. Please do not leave rubbish bags outside of the property as this will attract pests and wildlife.

Gas Fires
There are two gas fires at the property, one in the main lounge area of the Lodge and other in the Bison Den. There is also an air-conditioning unit in the main living area upstairs in the Retreat and a gas heater downstairs. Please follow the written instructions for use and ensure the fires are not left on if there are no guests in the room. The remote for the large gas fire in the Lodge is located on the side wall of the fireplace.

There are two 45kg gas bottles on the sidewall of the Lodge and at the rear of the Retreat. One is “in use” and the other is full and ready to use.  

If the gas runs out, please follow these steps:
1.    Switch off any appliance requiring gas
2.    Close the “in use” gas bottle valve
3.    Change the selector valve (tee piece between the bottles)
4.    Open the other gas bottle valve
5.    Resume using gas
6.    Please inform our staff on 0488 881100.

Salt & pepper, tea, coffee and sugar are all provided for you. We also have a supply of cling film and aluminium foil. Large grocery stores such as Coles, Woolworths and Aldi are located in Cessnock. There is a general store and newsagency called PK’s on the right hand side of Wine Country Drive as you head towards Cessnock. In addition, there are two late-night petrol stations (one on the left side and the other on the right) as you head towards Cessnock. 

There are hairdryers provided in each of the bathrooms. 

Heating and Cooling
All bedrooms and most reception rooms have ceiling fans. Reverse cycle air-conditioning units are located in the dining area, both lounge areas and five of the bedrooms in the Lodge. There is also an air-conditioning unit in the main living area upstairs in the Retreat and a gas heater downstairs. The remote controls for the air conditioning units are in mounted brackets on the room walls. There are two gas fires at the property, one in the main lounge area of the Lodge and the other in the Bison Den. Please follow the written instructions for use and ensure that the fires are not left on if there are no guests in the room.

Instruction Manual
Instruction manuals are located in a folder inside the top draw of the sideboard in the dining room. Please do not remove.  

An iron and ironing board are located under the stairs in the Lodge and the large bathroom in the Retreat. 

Internet Connection
Complimentary wireless internet access is provided for emails and web browsing. Please do not download large files as we are in a regional area and have limited download capability. If the internet is not working, please check that it is turned on. The modem is located on the entrance table in the Lodge. The on/off button is the black button at the back of the modem so please ensure you do not press the reset button.

Network Name:  TelstraBA70A3  Password: 607E009C70

Keys and Remotes
The key to the Retreat is in the lockbox next to the sliding glass doors at the entrance to the Retreat.  Please ensure you do not leave this key in the door once it is unlocked as this can break the key. 

Keys for the laundry, kitchen and Bison Den games room door are located on the kitchen bench in the Lodge. The control panel for the Bison Den front and rear roller doors are located on the wall to the right when entering through the Bison Den door. Please leave the keys in the keybox in the kitchen and the keys for the Retreat in the keybox next to the Retreat door. In addition, please scramble the lock combination on your departure. If you have booked the Studio, the keys are in the lockbox next to the Studio door. 

Kitchen – Cooking and Fridges
The Lodge – the kitchen in the Lodge has two ovens (large and small) and a microwave, two dishwashers, two Nespresso pod coffee machines, a large commercial toaster, toastie maker, two kettles, rice cooker, and electric frypan.

The kitchen in the Retreat has an oven, microwave, dishwasher and a Nespresso pod machine. The Lodge has a total of 4 fridges. There is a large fridge/freezer in the main kitchen as well as a large commercial glass fronted drinks fridge in the dining room. The Retreat and Bison Den also have a large fridge/freezer. We have plenty of bakeware, pots and pans, glassware, cutlery, and a selection of crockery for up to 30 guests. Tea, coffee and sugar are provided and located on the bench.

You will find plenty of dishwashing equipment, powder for the dishwasher, and garbage bags under the sink. To prevent scorching of the timber dining table or the kitchen benches, wooden placemats are provided for use under hot pots or plates. All instructions for ‘Kitchen Appliances’ are located in the folder inside the drawer of the sideboard in the dining room.  The oven has a Teppanyaki plate in the bottom drawer of the oven for those who dare!

The laundry is equipped with a washing machine and clothes dryer. There is also a small supply of washing powder for guest use. Spare cots and highchairs are located in the laundry. There is also a separate toilet in the laundry.

Lion’s Den Studio
The Lion’s Den Studio is to the rear corner of the property. If this is not part of the booking, please do not try to access this building as it may be occupied by the owner. 

Nespresso Coffee Machine
To use, ensure the machine is plugged in and switched on. Fill up the rear chamber with fresh water. Select your pod, lift the lever at the front of the machine, pop in the pod and push the button to start. A few pods per person have been supplied to get you started so please feel free to leave with some extras if you are a coffee lover. Please DO NOT immerse the milk frother in water and that the spring in the frother is not discarded when washing.

Please respect our neighbours, including the Hunter Valley Zoo, and keep noise to a minimum with no loud music or shouting after 10.30pm. Sound carries in the country so if you are playing music, please ensure the bass setting is low or turned off. The Hunter has strict noise restrictions regulated by both the council and police. In the event of a disturbance or complaint, we will attempt to contact the Primary Guest on the booking to request the disturbance to cease. If we are unable to reach the Primary Guest, we will call the other numbers supplied, and a security officer or the police will visit the property at your cost. This may result in eviction from the property. 

Please park in the designated car parking area on either side of the Retreat. Please do not drive on the grass around the front or at the back of the property. 

Petrol – Service Station
There two petrol stations on Wine Country Drive as you head into Cessnock. Both are open 24 hours a day and sell most food essentials.  Drive to the end of Lomas Lane and turn left and you will find them about 1 km on the left and right sides. 

This property is a pet-friendly property. However we do require they remain in the outdoor areas only and are not permitted on the indoor soft furnishings. Please do not allow your pet into the pool. Please clean up after your pet as excessive amounts of pet hair or droppings can incur additional cleaning fees. The property has an enclosed yard with a kennel at the back of the Lodge. If you are away from the property, we recommend you tie up your pet securely in a shaded spot with lots of water. Even better, take them with you as you explore the Hunter Valley.

Please note the pool will close during the cooler months after the Easter holiday and re-open after the October long weekend. The pool is serviced regularly to ensure the water is clean and safe. Please do not jump or dive-bomb into the pool as a matter of safety and to conserve water. No glassware or food should be next to the pool or spa. Please use plasticware for drinks when near the pool and spa, as glass is very dangerous. No animals are to swim in the pool under any circumstances. Children must be supervised at all times by an adult around the pool and spa area.

Power Outage
If there is a power outage, it is most likely to be caused by an overload of electrical appliances at the property. As a result, the pumps will not work and you will not be able to use water. There is a local power box for the Lodge which is located under the stairs, and the Retreat has a power box located on the right-hand side of the outside wall. Please check that all fuses are on and not tripped. If the problem remains, there is a power box located half way down the driveway in a white box which is the main source of electricity. Flick the switch back on and this will turn all the power back on. If this does not fix the issue, please call us on 0488 881100, leave a voicemail message and our after-hours staff will call you back shortly.

All drains and toilets refuse is processed via an onsite waste water treatment plant. Bacteria is used to ‘treat’ the wastewater before automatically spraying the throughput from a sprinkler hose system to the rear of the property. Only water, biodegradable cleaning products and solids/liquids that have passed through humans, are permitted to be flushed down the drains and toilets. Sanitary bags are provided in each bathroom. Please help to keep this system operating properly!

All our properties are non-smoking properties and are equipped with regulation smoke alarms. Please do not discard butts ANYWHERE at the property including lawns and gardens. Odours in the property caused by smoking will attract an additional deodorising fee of $100. If you need to smoke, you must do so outside. Discarding cigarette butts in a rural area has the potential to ignite fires.

The Hunter Valley does have brown and black snakes. If you see one on the property or near the house, please call 02 4991 2444 and a volunteer snake-catcher will attend the property. It is important that you keep track of the snake so the snake-catchers know where to find it. Your personal safety is very important to us so please maintain a safe distance from the snake.

Use of the spa is strictly for guests only. Please follow the rules below:

  • Do not stand on the spa lid or lift it up by the corners. Please remove it by the handles and do not remove from the pool area. The replacement cost for the spa cover is $800 so please be careful when handling.
  • No running around the spa area at any time as wet surfaces can be slippery.
  • The spa is made for four people only (no children). If more than 4 people use the spa, the water is displaced which will cause damage to the pump and engine. 
  • Children under 18 years must be supervised at all times by an adult.
  • No food or glass is to be taken into the pool area.
  • After each use of the spa, please check the water level indicator to the side of the filter box inside the spa and use the hose located next to the spa to refill if required.

“Free to air” and Foxtel television channels are available in the lounge and dining areas. Ensure HDMI1 is selected as the source via the TV remote. “Free to air” channels are 0 to 100 and “Foxtel” channels are 101 and above. To watch DVDs, select “DVD” as the source via the TV remote. There is also a television in the Stag bedroom, the dining room, the Bison Den (Foxtel Sports) and the lounge in the Retreat.

There are two large torches with an extra battery located in the cupboard below the sink and three wind-up torches.

One towel is provided per guest. Please bring your own pool towels and face washers if required.

The property uses 100% tank water so please consider our environment. We are in the midst of a major drought so whenever possible, please conserve water and keep showers to a sensible time frame. This water is safe to drink but if you prefer, please use bottled water.

Please do not feed the local wildlife and drive safely. Enjoy the critters and creatures, but please beware of snakes. If you encounter any injured wildlife, please contact Wildlife Aid on 0447 667 737.

Complimentary Wireless Internet access is provided for emails and web browsing. Please do not download huge files as we are in a regional area and have slow download capability. If the internet is not working, please check that it is turned on. The modem is located on the entrance table at the Lodge. The on/off button is the black button at the back of the modem so please ensure you do not press the reset button.

Network Name:  TelstraBA70A3
Password: 607E009C70

Please ignore the network called Hunter Valley Lodge as this is not in use. 

Please enjoy the gift of wine and oils with our compliments. 

Other Information:

Coco our friendly neighbour

Coco is our neighbour’s friendly horse and loves to be fed. His favourites are carrots and apples but he will just about eat any fruit and vegetables. If you call his name, he will come trotting across for his treats.

Restaurants and places to eat nearby

You are spoilt for choice with eating out in the Valley.  Let’s start with your fine dining options.  There is the Muse Restaurant just around the corner in Hungerford Hill with a two hats rating.  It is worth the visit to just try their “coconut dessert”! Troy and his team will definitely make your dining experience something to remember. Further up the road and a short drive away are three one hat restaurants – Muse Kitchen in Hermitage Road, Bistro Molines in Mount View (with a spectacular view!) and of course, the wonderful Margan in Broke. 

Around the corner, there is a wonderful place for breakfast and good coffee in the local nursery called Simply Divine. If you need a hangover breaky, head over to Oscars at the Hunter Valley Garden.  One of my personal favourites is Café Enzo for breakfast and lunch. Potters Brewery is only 5 minutes around the corner or you can enjoy a good pizza at the Lovedale Bar in the Crowne Plaza and Restaurant which is another 5 minute drive down the road.  Oishi is great for Japanese and Thai eat-in or takeaway, however you will need to drive and collect your food as it is located at Roche Estate. 

Other suggestions include Restaurant Cuvee at Petersons House, Yellow Billy at Piggys Peak, the Deck in Lovedale, the Cellar at Hunter Valley Gardens,  Restaurant Botanica on Hermitage Road, and Amanda’s on the Edge (BYO) at Windsors Edge.  There are many other places so explore and enjoy.  Finally, do yourself a favour and call into Harrigans Irish Pub on Broke Road for great pub grub and a cleansing ale.

Hunter Valley Zoo

The Hunter Valley Zoo are our neighbours and you can hear the lions roar from dawn and dusk.  It is a fantastic experience.  The Zoo is one of the nicest animal zoos you will find in Australia.  If fur-babies and exotic animals are your thing, then the Hunter Valley Zoo should be on your radar! For the last 12 years, owner Jason Pearson has been bringing to the Hunter Valley a wide collection of the world’s most exotic and intriguing animals in a beautifully laid out environment that is smack in the middle of Wine Country. 

With loads of animals of all shapes, sizes and sounds, the zoo not only allows you to get seriously up-close-and-personal, to even some of the biggest of African animals but a bunch of hands-on experiences. Including the walkthrough bird cages, native animal feeding yard to keeper talks and the very personal meet the animal encounters, there’s an experience for all ages.

In addition to the regular collection of lions, cheetahs, American alligators and camels Hunter Valley Zoo has recently experienced a little baby boom. From those adorable Meerkats and Marmoset monkeys to the oh-so-cute Capybaras.

Much to the credit of Jason and the team, Hunter Valley Zoo has evolved into a stunning sanctuary for its precious family. Beautifully landscaped the zoo makes for easy wandering with picnic areas aplenty for your morning tea and lunch breaks and are ideal for kids parties and celebrations of all types. 

It is small but you can get up close and personal with the animals.  You can book an encounter with many of the animals (not the lions) You can sit with the black and white ruffed lemurs which are the most gentle souls you will ever meet.  Their cute Meerkats would love to meet you! Their bubbly Common Marmosets will be jumping with joy to see you!  You can even compare Moustaches with the Emperor Tamarin.  They have some wonderful animals including a great petting zoo for the little ones.

Open 9-4pm everyday except Wednesday.  Tel – 02 4990 7714


Hunter Valley Gardens

 Set in the heart of Pokolbin, NSW, Hunter Valley Gardens has established itself as a diverse tourist attraction, complementing Australia’s oldest wine producing region.

Hunter Valley Gardens is an all year round oasis of colour on a scale not seen before in other areas of Australia, offering a unique mix of activities suitable for all age groups, short or long stay visits, special interest and casual groups.

Hunter Valley Gardens is set on 225 hectares, with the main attractions being the 60 acres of international display gardens. Located adjacently and also owned by Roche Group is the boutique shopping village, picnic ground and barbecue area and village green.  Also on site are Mercure Resort Hunter Valley Gardens (4½ star), Harrigan’s Irish Pub and Accommodation (4 star), and Roche wines.The village is an intimate series of boutique retailers and outlets (all owner occupied) promoting the best of local produce, artistic talent, contemporary café dining and of course, cellar door wine tasting.  The village square overlooks the beautiful Chapel holding many weddings each week and regular non-denominational services of worship.

All this before the visitor has discovered the international display gardens incorporating 10 amazingly themed gardens with influences from around the world. Over 8km of pathways, more than 100 kilometres of underground irrigation, 6000 trees, 600 000 shrubs and 1 000 000 ground covers have been planted and nurtured to create a legacy for generations to come – an exciting experience of sight, colour and fragrance to delight visitors of all ages and nationalities!

For the family…

A diverse range of activities are developed each School Holidays including reptile displays and demonstrations, circus workshops and themed shows such as Ice Age 4 and Despicable ME2. The opportunity for a picnic day with gift shopping, family dining at Oscars and a scoop of ice cream in a beautiful rural location with sporting and fun activities (the unusual Aqua Golf Driving Range), golf putting course, playground and village green, with a stroll to the ‘Storybook Gardens’ makes for a great day out.

For the garden lover…

This is truly the most unique experience in the Southern Hemisphere – the beautifully landscaped village introduces and sets the scene for a day strolling the 10 themed gardens within the display area.  Opportunities to ‘Meet the Horticultural staff’ at garden talks which vary by season in The Rose Garden, The Formal Garden, The Oriental Garden, The Border Garden, and on subjects such as History of the Gardens, Rose pruning, Pests and Diseases and Topiary pruning.  Break the day with a lunch, some wine appreciation, cooking demonstration classes or browsing Garden Gate Gift Gallery.

For the romantic…

Couples may take a romantic afternoon stroll through the Gardens and perhaps choose to stop at the Chapel, do some wine tasting in the atmospheric underground sandstone cellars, lunch at The Cellar restaurant, indulge in fine coffee at Bliss, liqueurs at Flaschengeist or hand crafted chocolates from the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company.

For the more mature…

A Devonshire Tea in front of the fire on cooler days at Taste of the Country or lunch at The Garden Terrace overlooking the Oriental Garden.  Visitors generally enjoy a gentle stroll to the Italian Grotto or perhaps a guided train tour around the entire Gardens.

As a result of the customer-focused attitude, the atmosphere created at Hunter Valley Gardens is friendly and comfortable. We believe this attitude allied with the range of products sets us apart from our competitors.

OPENING HOURS: Daily 9:00am – 5:00pm
4th November to 26th January: 9:00am – 400pm & 6:30pm – 10:00pm


Werakata National Park

 The Werakata National Park is located opposite the Lodge. Escape to natural scenery, enjoy a picnic, bush walk or challenge your skills on a mountain bike.

Werakata National Park in the Lower Hunter Valley is loved by locals. It’s also close to Sydney, which makes for the perfect day trip. There are great cycling and walking trails and in spring they’re lined with purple, orange and yellow wildflowers, like acacias and banksias. There are rare plants here, found mostly in a special section of endangered habitat.

Bring some local Hunter Valley produce to the park and set up at pretty Astills picnic area. Then cycle along Deadmans mountain bike loop or Astills trail, which are both easy, flat and suitable for any fitness level.

Bring binoculars and a camera – you’ll find brightly coloured bush birds flying low enough for great photography. Birdwatchers who come to Werakata are never disappointed; the abundance of food in the park attracts the likes of the threatened swift parrot or regent honeyeater as well as several species of robin.

Astills Park and Trail:

Astills Picnic Area has sturdy tables under towering gums and grassy areas for children to run.

Take about 45 minutes for this easy and scenic 2km bushwalk along Astills trail. This loop walk begins and ends near Astills picnic area, so you can make a day of it and pack a picnic lunch.

Astills trail takes you through important habitat for rare and threatened birds. Local families love the fresh air and greenery which thrives on their doorstep, but bushwalkers and birdwatchers from all over NSW make the journey too. Don’t be put off by the Grade 5 for not having directional signage, you’ll still find this an easy track for all ages.

Some of the birds you’ll spot in the canopy include square-tailed kites and, at night, barking owls and masked owls. Meanwhile, your other friends along this walk will be brown tree creepers, speckled warblers, black-chinned honeyeaters and grey-crowned babblers, so it’s a great place to introduce kids to lots of new birds.

Opposite the Astills Picnic Area, and joins back to Lomas Lane. Enjoy natural scenery, including the endangered Lower Hunter Spotted Gum Ironbark forest. The trail takes approximately 30 minutes with a distance of 2km. It can be walked or cycled but please bring no dogs. Some of the birds you’ll spot in the canopy include square-tailed kites and, at night, barking owls and masked owls. Meanwhile, your other friends along this walk will be brown tree creepers, speckled warblers, black-chinned honeyeaters and grey-crowned babblers, so it’s a great place to introduce kids to lots of new birds.

Kurri Sand Swamp Woodland Walk

Take an easy walk through Kurri sand swamp woodland, a rare habitat full of special plants, wildflowers and trees; a treat for birdwatchers and bushwalkers.

Deep in the heart of Werakata National Park is Kurri sand swamp woodland walk, a great track for keen for bushwalkers wanting to explore an endangered ecological community.

A unique environment within the park, drooping red gums and small-flower grevilleas are a spectacular sight along the walk. You’ll also see acacias, lots of pretty purple common hovea, as well as delicate spider orchids.

This endangered ecological areas consists of local soils and plant species such as acacia and eucalyptus that grow in this district. 2km return and approx 30 minutes. A unique environment within the park, drooping red gums and small-flower grevilleas are a spectacular sight along the walk. You’ll also see acacias, lots of pretty purple common hovea, as well as delicate spider orchids. This walk is is especially beautiful when all the wildflowers bloom in spring. Keep an eye out for kookaburras, swamp wallabies, red-necked wallabies and lots of woodland birds.

Deadman’s Mountain Bike Loop

Continue from Kurri Sand Swamp Woodland Walk and take this 8km track which loops the Park and returns to the Astills Picnic Area. Perfect for a pleasant busk walk or mountain bike ride. An easy, flat ride, flanked by ironbark, spotted gum and flowering shrubs. You’ll likely spot speckled warblers, black-chinned honeyeaters and grey-crowned babblers. Cockatoos, magpies and kookaburras can also be seen along the track and are the perfect accompaniment to this vibrant setting. In spring and autumn, flowers like purple happy wanderer, yellow hairpin banksia, red mountain devil, and the lovely purple thyme honey myrtle splash colour atop the lush greenery.


  • It’s a good idea to put sunscreen on before you set out and remember to take a hat and drinking water
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch
  • Drinking water is not available in this area so it’s a good idea to bring your own

There is limited/no mobile reception in this park